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Monday, September 13, 2004

I'm Not A Victim, I'm A Victor

I lost my job. Bummer. Well, who can I blame? Let's see...Maybe I can blame George Bush. Yeah, it's BUSHITLER's fault. He didn't make my employer keep me even when it was not economically feasible. He should have passed a law mandating a job for life. And while I'm on the subject, he should have mandated health care for life. Oh, and housing for life. And while I'm at it, a car for life, and food, and education, and electricity; after all it was BUSHITLER's fault we had that blackout a few months back. We need gas for life and gasoline for life, cable for life, and DSL/Cable modem for life. And what about computers for life, clothes for life. I tell you what, why don't we eliminate all this capitalist crap and do away with money; the government should take care of all our needs and then we wouldn't have anymore problems. Sorry, it's already been tried; it's called socialism/communism. It didn't work then, and it won't work now, and neither will it work in the future.

You see we have a choice whether we will be victims or victors. Yes, I lost my job. I was out of work for 3 months; my credit which was A-rated went into the toilet. I got another job, but was fired after 6 months. Who's fault? Nobody's. That's just the way life is. Government can't fix that. I could have chosen to be a victim and cry about it, or do what I had to fix the situation. So I moved to Houston. That was a momentous decision for my wife and me. We have been married for 21 years, and for most of those years we lived in Oklahoma. I love/loved Oklahoma. To me there's no place like it. It was my home. We had two homes there; a nice big 2400 square foot house we now have to sell. It's painful to lose/give up your home. But victors learn to do what is necessary and right. Being and doing right doesn't always mean it's going to feel good. But men do what is right and necessary, while victims whine and complain about it.

There are those among us that want a fair life; life isn't fair. Life is just what it is, no more, no less. The only fair thing about life is that we were all given the same chance to succeed and the chance to fail. Read about the most successful people and you will find they were not afraid to fail. In fact, many failed lots of times before they succeeded. I sometimes wish life was different, but I also realize that life can be different I you make it different. So, I'm doing the best I can to make my life different. I could cry about it or move on and do something about it.

Victims cry...
Victors CONQUER!

We are at a crossroad.

Where do we go from here?


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